Petition to:  Iowa State General Assembly

Whereas: Nearly 7,000 unborn babies have their lives violently snuffed out by the barbaric practice of abortion in Iowa every year; and
Whereas: In the horrific Roe v. Wade ruling itself, the Supreme Court noted that if life was ever declared to begin with conception, then unborn babies must be protected by the U.S. Constitution; and
Whereas: If passed, the Iowa Life-at-Conception Act would legally recognize that life begins at conception and finally put an end to abortion in Iowa; and
Whereas: It’s time self-proclaimed pro-life members of the General Assembly do more than just campaign on putting an end to abortion;
Therefore: I urge you to end the horror of abortion by cosponsoring and seeking roll-call votes on the Iowa Life-at-Conception Act.


Iowa Pro-Life Action is a 501(c)(4) Non Profit Organization.  Donations are NOT tax deductible. IPLA is registered with the Iowa Secretary of State.

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